Friday, 14 October 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Lone Wolf Completed

This guy took me longer than i thought! But i did want to spend a little bit  more time on the 'Heros' of this army:

I'm very pleased with him, but he's not quite as striking as i would have liked him to be. I am rather pleased with his right shoulder pad though! These are the names of his lost Pack Mates who he strives to avenge in battle! A nice touch i thought!

I tried something different with the armour this time. I used an airbrush to apply the Space Wolf Grey base coat and watered down Badab Black wash (as usual). Then i used the airbrush to create areas of shade by applying 2 further layers of lightened Space Wolf Grey to the raised areas. It worked OK, but i need to practice a bit more on the close up airbrush work. I over did it on a few areas. essentially though i like the look, and will try it again on the other Heroes.

As for weathering - well i stared at this model for ages trying to decide on paint chips, etc!! As i couldn't make decision, i left  it.....for now anyways! It night come later.

Next up its Arjac Rockfist! The last part i needed for  the conversion came through the post yesterday, so they'll be more on him of Monday!

Until next winter.....

The GunGrave


  1. Very nice! I really like the color you ended up with on the armor, and coupled with the cool tones on the flesh the whole model really feels 'cold'. Ties in beautifully with the snow base. This is some of your best work yet!

  2. Wow, cheers dude! Im glad the 'cold' feel came through on this model; was trying for the same effect on the other Wolves. Im painting up another one at the mo', and the graduated shading created by the airbrush is much better on the next model!

  3. Mate, this army is just getting better and better. I love your painting style and the bases are just great and make your models look great.

  4. You talk about the model, but I'm also very impressed with the base! The snow looks awesome and I love the way in which you have placed it as for me it helps give a story to the model... the cleared area sort of indicates a route that others have gone... perhaps your hero is rushing to take revenge or break a deadlock etc.