Monday, 31 October 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Aqueduct Pt1

Remember a few posts ago i showed you some of the bits i picked up from the DIY store? Well they've been put to good use!

This is the Aqueduct! This terrain piece is entirely modular and is part of the larger Apocalypse Terrain Project: Promethium Refinery! I'll explain a bit more about that in the next post! So this is where i am at the moment:

The straight section is 2ft long, and the pipes are about 40mm in diameter. Suitably large for Apoc' games, but could also be used i 40K as well.

The supports are made of plastic H-Beam glued to a hardwood base. The spikes are from the GW building sets.

This is the end section; one of two that I've made. 

The connectors will be left loose for this terrain piece, enabling full customisation! I'll probably be adding more imaginative pieces in the future as well. 

The connectors for the straight sections will also be left loose. The insides have this ridge-stopper-thing which is quite helpful! The 45degree connectors have them to. 

That's it for the mo'! I've got enough materials to make another 2 straight sections, which will give me roughly 6-7ft of Aqueduct in total! Sweet! Painting will begin later today, and expect to see Logan Grimnar up here soon as well!

The GunGrave


  1. awesome. i am just stating to build a city table and really want to include some pipelines, so i'd be interested in how much those pipes cost you.

    also, are you going to include any gantrys or walkways on top of or next to the pipes? I intend to use my table for skirmish games as well as 40k so for me they are a must.

  2. Excellent. Simple yet effective. It might be nice to add some gantries to teh top of the pipes so that they can be used by infantry. This will give you a real multi-level piece that should make for interesting in game use!

  3. Nice! Gotta love PVC pipe, it's such a great construction material. Having worked with it in the past, I would recommend giving it a slight sanding prior to primering it, as that gives it a bit of texture for suture paint application. Looking forward to seeing it painted up!

  4. I'm really liking where you're going with this mate, are you planning to rough up the pipes as pvc pipes don't really hold the paint well?

  5. Hey guys!

    @ Oink and Atreides - i havent made any plans to have any walkways on the top, although for game purposes i intended to have the 'ramps' at the ends to act as access for troops to move up and along it. After reading your comments though, i've had a look and i'm getting some ideas together. The problem is that constructing 6ft of catwalk will be a royal pain! I might use some GW building floors for the base at least - we'll see.

    @ Mordian and Corbane - i didnt rough up the pipes - by this time they're actually already painted!! I know what you meant though; i had that problem with the sewage processors as well. So far its sticking, but there is one small chip on it where one of the connectors goes on! Hopefull the varnish will keep the paint still when it goes on!!

    Glad you all like it! It'll be a great piece of terrain once its complete!

  6. The support structure is amazing. I have always struggled at scratch building realistic supports. If you make more I would love to get some more details on how you made that. It all looks great!