Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard: Rhino Complete

This guy has been complete for a few days now but I've been to busy to post.

I used exactly the same colour scheme for the Rhino as I did the Legionaries. The wash was a little dark though so i think i'll water it down for the other vehicles.
I made good use of MIG weathering powders for the exhausts. A Winton oil paint wash of Burnt Umber was applied to the whole of the model as well, which blended the powders together nicely.
The green strip is Orkhide Shade - I just taped up the tank and used an airbrush to apply it. I sponged on some skull white to break it up a bit. 

A basic Badab Black wash and Mithril Silver drybrush for the bolters:

Same for the Dozer Blade and the tracks, but some weathering powders were also applied here as well:

My only disappointment is that the washes on the hull came out a bit to dark, and they don't match the armour of the Legionnaires. I'll make sure i'll get it right next time!

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