Monday, 10 October 2011

My First Finecast - Logan Grimnar

I've finally bitten the bullet and taken on my first Finecast model. After all the bad reviews I've seen and heard, i was not looking forward to it!

I've mounted Logan on a Scibor Snow Base; suitably dramatic for a charicter of his stature! The smooth 'melted' bits on the base will be covered in snow-flock once done, so it'll fit in nicely with the rest of the army. As he's only got one foot firmly on the base, i've pinned him on.

Having inspected the model, i feel that i got off quite lightly. There was a defect on the Axe of Morkai handle, where it meets the hand. It was barley attached to the model, and fell away soon after i removed it from the packaging. I pinned it back in place and filled in the gaps with Green Stuff.

On the left leg there was a hell of a mould line, which revealed a 'trench' like defect beneath it. This was filled and filed quite easily.

Finally there was a small hole in the right ear of the pelt on Logan's back. It was to small to take a picture of, and was no problem to sort.

Overall, my opinion of Finecast is unchanged - its still a pile of shite! Although i got away with getting a model with minimal major defects. the overall quality is TERRIBLE! A lot of the 'smooth' armour surfaces had to be filed flat for one reason or another, and a fair bit of the details were filled with flash which had to be scooped out with the tip of a scalpel.

On the plus side, i heard a rumor that Finecast has its days numbered, and GW may be scrapping the whole thing. How true this is i don't know, as it seems unlikely to me that they would do this. On the other hand, given the quality of the product, they may be making a massive loss and discontinuation of the product may be the only viable option. I live in hope!!

Thankfully this is the only Finecast i need for this army. We'll see how it paints up over the next few days!

Until next winter.....

The GunGrave


  1. While I too have seen quality issues with finecast I do love the material. If they can fix the issue with miscasts it would be a wonderful product. I really don't want to see a return to metal as I hate to work with metal minis to the point that I will never buy one again. Too hard to modify, paint chips off or gets worn off. All in all no fun.

    So GW is in a bad state. They need to fix this.

  2. I purchased an Astorath finecast model, and was amazed at the level of detail when compared to it's metal counterpart.

    Sadly, I found similar imperfections- one being a bubble in the top of the right wing. Astro's axe was so fragile, that the haft snapped in two after it was primed...

    I prefer plastic/resin over metal, but GW really needs to lock down their quality control.

  3. yeah i totally agree about the ease of resin to work with. I have 3 Forgeworld armies, the bulk of which is of course resin, and its a far superior material. For some reason though, GW cant get it right! I'll start buying into it as soon as they do get it right! They could do with a day trip to Forgeworld and take a look at how its done properly.

    I've actually bought a metal Logan off eBay (as well as a metal Creed). The more paint i've applied to this particular model, the worse its looking!

    For me, its metal all the way. At least until GW get their act together!

  4. I prefer metal because of its got a nice weight to it, which feels nice and sturdy on 20, 25 and 40mm -based sized models. When you get any bigger, you start needing to pin and all sort of shenanigans. I was glad I got my Striking Scorpions in metal before the switch-over.