Monday, 24 October 2011

More Sewage Processors WIP!

After the success of the large Sewage Processor, i knew i wouldn't be able o leave the other two containers alone for long! Poor Arjac Rockfist had to remain half finished for the weekend!

The two secondary processors are now done and ready to be painted. Much the same as their larger predecessor, with the exception of ladders instead of metal rungs for the access. This is because the ladders were a perfect fit, and it saved me a tonne of work! 

Yesterday i went down to B&Q (a large DIY store for our American cousins!) to try and find some shelving for my growing collection of terrain! Unfortunately i was unable to find any reasonably priced shelving, but i did find loads of cool bits and pieces in the plumbing section! The red balls and cylinders are usually found bobbing around in water tanks or toilet cisterns, but will make excellent liquid/gas storage containers! All for a £1 each!!

The 2M lengths of plastic plumbing (only £2.50 each!) and the white bits beside them are going to be part of the next Apocalypse Terrain: Promethium Refinery project! At 40mm diameter, the pipes are huge (for 40K scale anyways!!) and will carry whatever materials are needed to refine Promethium in the 41st millennium. For the purpose of the project it will be termed the Aqueduct. More on that in the next week or two!

Finally, I managed to complete my quest for the perfect terrain storage box! You obviously wouldn't have been aware that this quest was in progress, but I never realised how hard it was to find a rectangular plastic box with straight sides!! Theres always stupid and unnecessary indents in the ends and a multitude of  other annoyances! Now the search is over, and the "Battlefield-In-A-Box" project can get started! More on that as well in the next week or two as well!

Phew! Thats your lot for now! As you can tell, i'm well into terrain building at the moment, and may be for some weeks! I haven't been completely idle with the Vlka Fenryka, and Arjac is very nearly done. Hopefully this time next week i'll be picturing him on here.

The GunGrave


  1. I like that - "went to find storage, bought more stuff". I'm terrible in hardware stores the same way :D

    Terrain looks good and well spotted with the cistern floaty things.

  2. looking great dude, honestly I don't know where you find the time...

  3. Looks great man, I love the DIY refinery stuff you're making.