Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Terrain Made Easy: 40K Silo

After the success of the Necron Obelisk i decided to start making my way through the pile of cans, canisters and containers that are piling up under my painting desk! As i toyed with a baked bean tin, and old GW idea surfaced!

Anyone who's been gaming for a while may remember this very simple piece of terrain: Tin Can Silo!

On the left we have your standard tin can; in this case, a baked bean can! In this tutorial I'll show you how i made the example on the right.

Firstly, i made a template. The picture below will enable you to print out a true-scale copy of it, allowing you to replicate it yourselves. Well, it came out in the right scale on my printer, so hopefully you'll have the same success!

Cut it out and stick it on some card. Don't waste your plasticard supplies, it works just fine on some cardboard from a cereal box!! (excuse the picture - sideways syndrome!)

Once dry, cut it out.

Wrap it around the tin  can and stick it in place.

I then sprayed it in Boltgun Metal with an airbrush. I didn't bother with an undercoat, the paint goes on just fine without it.

Lastly, i gave it a heavy wash of black oil paint mixed with white spirit to make it nice and dirty!

A quick varnish one dry and your done! Quick, easy, and environmentally friendly! If your feeling really creative, you could add rivets, handrails, and a multitude of other details. I'm planning on making an Aquila stencil for my silos, and maybe adding some alpha-numerical designations to them as well!


The GunGrave


  1. These look great. I remember seeing these a long time ago, you've done a great job of them.

    Sometimes, the simple things are the best. Also, thanks for doing that template, it takes ALL of the hard work out of it... I'll have to replicate.

    Keep it up!

  2. Cheers oink! the old ones are always the best! Besides, its great to be able to make junk into decent looking terrain! I've got tonness of stuff ready to make into terrain - seems im on a bit of a mission!

    Let me know how your silos turn out!