Friday, 26 February 2016

Legio Astorum Knight Errant 2 Complete

With plenty of recent Knight painting experience under my belt, i was able to got this Knight painted up quickly. I have to say, i think this may just be the Legio Astorum's best yet!

I moved away from the Astorum transfers a bit for this Knight, otherwise they'd all look the same. I looked instead to the Imperial Knight transfer sheets for a bit of diversity.

Then went full Astorum on the other shoulder pad!!

I jazzed up the shield with a white stripe this time. I decided to make all the Errants have the same face plate, and i'll do the same with the Paladins as well.

As to not relay to much on the transfers, i went with some stripping on the shin plates.

My favorite part of this paint scheme was the Reaper Chain Sword. I don't know what it didn't occur to me before, but i went with hazard stripping his time. I really like the effect!!

The base was a bit plainer than the other 2 so far, so the barrels, razor wire and lamp post were added afterwards to break it up a bit.

Here's the Astorum Crew so far! Looking sharp boys!

The GunGrave


  1. Looks great, love those hazard stripes and his head angle looks good, not sure if it's different from the WIP shots but looks the business, not at all falling face fwd! ;) I am seriously thinking of painting my Knights as LA, test pieces for the Warlord scheme perhaps. I've got the FW airbrush paints to try, not sure if the Night Lords blue is the right tone. One can only experiment I guess...

    1. Thanks Siph - I junk a Knight test peace is a good idea, it'll give you a good feel for the scheme. Personally I've never tried the FW airbrush range. I use the Vallejo Game Air set (which does pretty good Citadel equivalents) Haven't heard a bad word about the FW ones yet though. Will look forward to seeing it!

  2. Wow! Just wow! You cracking through these so quick.

    Any chance of a picture of all the legio o far?

    1. :-) thanks Col. I have a picture laying around somewhere I think....will have to squeeze it into the blog schedule!

  3. Awesome work, man! Really dig how that third one turned out, and the group shot is epic!

  4. Will you slow down ? I can't even keep up browsing what you're doing !