Monday, 27 November 2017

AGGTG Is Closing Down...

Hi Readers,

Its been a few months since i've posted on here, but as usual, i haven't been idle. However, during that time i got to thinking long and hard about the blog and the direction it was going in.

I won't bore you all with pages of my inner thoughts on the matter, but long story short, i'm not really into 40K or 30K anymore and haven't been for a long time. In fact, its just over 3 years since i've played a game of either!! My focus, as you've probably  noticed, is now on the game of Infinity. With that being so, a blog called A Guardsmans Guide to Glory doesn't seem that appropriate.

With that in mind i've decided to set up a new blog which focuses on my chosen game system, called 'Crit Seeker'. The link for which is below:

I have of course migrated the content of AGGTG over to Crit Seeker for the archives, so the 7 years of content (!) won't be lost. I'll also leave the AGGTG blog active for a while so people can redirect over to Crit Seeker or access the content here.

AGGTG has had a good run, and pretty much documented all of my varied journey through the 40K and 30K universe! I think though that road has come to an end, and a different gaming path is in front of me.

I'd love for you all to come on over to Crit Seeker and check it out!  You can now also follow my work on Twitter and Face Book (which i post on quite a lot now as its quicker than bloging!)

Twitter - @AGGTG (can't be bothered to change the name of this account!!)
FaceBook - Infinity Tim

So its time for this Guardsman to hang up his Lasgun and retire! Thank you all for your comments and support over the last 7 years!

The GunGrave, signing off.


  1. It's been a good run, GG. I look forward to the hobby content of your new internet home!

  2. Sorry to see AGGTG shutting down, but I only really came here for the Infinity content anyway!

    I'll catch you at your new address. I need to start posting some blog content of my own, but I'll fallen out of the habit and I haven't been too busy anyway! Christmas should sort that though!

    PS. Did you see the new Nomad Tag coming out in December? It looks amazing...

    1. Oh I certainly did! Can't wait! Once this tourney in December is out of the way i'll be rewarding myself with some Nomad TAGS! Iguana, Geko's and the lovely Szalamandra

  3. Fair enough Tim interesting timing though as 8th edition is the best edition for some time if not ever and I have played them all from the beginning. Although keeping continues to be a real challenge. Good luck with the new ventures.

    1. Yeah I have heard that as well. I bought the rule book and it all seemed good, it just wasn't a big enough hook to get me back into it. I still have a lot if the models (painted and unpainted!) so there's always a possibility, but for now at least, the focus is Infinity.

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    I bought the rule book and it all seemed good, it just wasn't a big enough hook to get me back into it.