Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sewage Processors WT-1B and WT-1C Completed!

Here they are in all their disgusting glory!

Same paint scheme to match the larger processor. The stencils came out really well again!

I added some rust detailing on these smaller processors using MIG weathering powders.

More of Army Painters Quickshade 'Strong Tone' for the water effects.

Here's a shot of all the processors together, and some more helpful volunteers from the Vostroyan Firstborn!

Because these terrain pieces are so large, it wouldn't take much more terrain to fill a 6x4 board. With this in mind, I'm considering making a few more 'sewage/water treatment' themed pieces to go with this lot. I may make some more processors if the right materials come my way, but i think I'll try doing some of the more common processors that are submerged into the ground. A control station/building may also be on the cards!

But before all that, i need to finish off poor Arjac! With a day off on Friday, I'll get him squared away before i start anything else!

The GunGrave


  1. Very well done. Seeing a greter range of terrain in teh same theme would be really great. There are of course lots of potential items that you can use and the final effect could be quite unique.

    I love how a couple of pieces of terrain can make you want to finish up an entire themed set for a board! this recently happened to me with teh Amera Plastics Landing Pad I bought... Now I'm planning an airfield themed board!

    And I haven't even finished one of the CoD buildings I've started!

  2. Very nice work on the water treatment tanks, they look fantastic. Arjac is coming along nicely as well - looking forward to seeing him complete!

  3. Wow! Those are fantastic! I wonder what other smaller bits you're thinking? I'm always curious as to how folks plan their boards and in what proportions. Right now you've got 3 impassable LOS-blocking buildings.
    Are you going to put together some impassable non-los, some cover terrain (like pipes/ruined processors?) and maybe some functional buildings? Do you plan that way?

    These are great. Can't wait to see what more you produce!

  4. Looks good. I think I might use a similar idea with the containers and build a tank myself. I built a little reservoir this month as well. I think if I build a tank like this I will try to create a platform at the top as well for a bit more playability. Good work!