Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Terrain: Sewage Works pt1

I've decided that i need a break from the Wolves, so a bit of terrain is a good way to break up the monotony!

What we have here is a plastic chocolate container. Send it 40,000 years into the future and we've got ourselves a Gothic Sewage Works!

The image below is what i had in mind for this piece (well, one of these anyway!):

I didn't need the lid, so i binned that. On the inside were these small ridge like things that were perfect for supporting my 'water'! I used soome foamcard for this:

Next, i sealed the edges with some Milliput and smoothed down the edges with the back of a spoon. I also added some random milliput on the surface just to break up the flat area a bit.

While that was drying, i moved onto the base. I'm going to add a few bits around the edge of the main container later, so the base was made big enough to accommodate this. The container was then simply super glued to the base:

Next i moved onto the access. There will be a gantry spanning the width of the container, so i had to make some sort of ladder to reach it. I went with metal 'rungs' - quick and easy to do! I bent a bit of florists wire over a piece of wood to get the shape:

Then i stuck a load of  them up the side of the container. In order to make them stick a bit better, i drilled small holes for the rungs with a pin vice. I did the same on the opposite side of the container:

No industrial site is complete without some huge pipes! I just so happened to have a few copper pipes lying around that fitted the bill nicely!

Problem is, these things arn't cheap! When i bought these ages ago, i decided to make a silicone mould of one so i could replicate them on the cheap a bit later on.

I just cast a few more for this project!

Two pipes were stuck to the base and the side of the container; the same was done on the other side. As the container is obviously curved, the pipes don't quite sit flush with it. I'll fill the gaps later with some putty and make them into welding marks.

Now the inspection gantry. I toyed with lots of ideas here! In the end i wondered why the hell i was trying to make it more complicated for myself, and went with a simple wire mesh bridge! The frame was made out of wooden dowel with some wire mesh over the top. I haven't glued the bridge in place to make painting easier later on.

(stupid sideways! Wish Blogger would sort this.....!)

That's as far as I've got for the time being! The bulk of  the work is done, but there are a few more details, dials, and bits i want to add before i move onto painting!

The GunGrave


  1. there is something incredibly amusing about using a box of celebrations as a sewage tank. very nice work though, and that will be one massive mofo of a LOS blocking bit of terrain!

  2. love it. excited to see more!
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. There are two reasons to like this... one is that its a great piece of terrain, the second is that it gives you an excuse to eat a whole box of Celebrations... You should probably try this out with a box of Heroes and a box of Roses just to make sure that there is no difference as a result.

  4. LOL, i could have the most awesome Sewage Works 40K table in the land, but also be the fatest gamer in Britain!

    I've actually finished painting this today, so provided i get the post organised, it'll be up on here tomorrow!

  5. Looks good. Nice and simple. Looking forward to seeing it finished.