Thursday, 10 August 2017

Infinity - Aleph HVT and Thorakite with Combi Rifle

A few more Infinity models for you this week! I've been working hard on some of my Aleph models needed for a tournament at Firestorm Games in Cardiff this weekend. I have decided to go Vanilla Aleph for this tournament, as i took Steel Phalanx to a narrative tournament in Cheltenham a few weeks ago (and won best painted army, as well as the most epic game moment!) So time to mix it up this time.

First up is my HVT. Not essential for my army, but i've been using a Joan of Arc model as my HVT for over a year now, so its time to get a proper one done!

I really enjoyed working with the large flat (ish) areas on this model, as it gave me more of an opportunity to practice my shading and blending. It was also my first time painting white in this way, which was an experience! Not an easy colour to paint.

This Thorakite with Combi Rifle swiftly followed the HVT, completing the list needed for this weekend. This guy will be a cheeleader really, providing an extra order and specialist (Paramedic) to my second combat group.

The tournament is this Saturday, so come back next week to see how i did! Once thats out of the way i have lined myself up a 'treat model' for my Custodians in the form of.....well, you'll see!

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