Monday, 17 October 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Arjac Rockfist

The man-mountain himself! Out of the handful of conversions i had to do for this army, this one excited me the most! It would also be the most difficult to get right.

That being said, this conversion was done with the minimum of fuss, mainly using existing parts from various sources. I'm very very pleased with the outcome!

Have a peek for yourselves:

I've tried to recreate this picture of Arjac from the codex:

It seems to capture him perfectly, so i wanted to reflect this in the mini itself.

Most of the parts you'll recognise from the Space Wolf Terminator sets. The shield is from Scibors miniatures with the iconography of a SW Storm Shield stuck to the front. I loved the cloak, but I didn't fancy the hanging arm of the wolf pelt on his back, so i left that off and filled the gap with Green Stuff. Some Green Stuff work was also required on the shoulder joint of the left arm to get the Storm Shield raised enough. Aside from that, no other serious conversion work was needed! Then finally, the Anvil on his back! This was a bit of a pain to decide on, but a buddy from Club suggested that i use a fantasy Dwarf banner top! Lady eBay was kind enough to oblige, and i got one for about £2. Perfect!

Just a paint job now. I really want to do this model justice, so I'll take my time with him.

Until next winter.....

The GunGrave


  1. Looks great! The shield turned out great, and the model as a whole is a pitch perfect take on the art. Can't wait to see it painted up!

  2. Mate that looks brill. But were did you get the sheild from? Because it does look rather cool.