Friday, 21 October 2011

Terrain: Sewage Works pt2

Yesterday i cracked on with painting my sewage works!

So here it is: Sewage Processor WT-1A!

The stencils were made by printing off the desired text in 'Stensil' font in MS Word, and then sticking them to card from a cereal box.

Once dried i cut out the text:

This was a bit fiddly, and some of the detail had to be lost:

Some of the detailing on the pipework:

The depth gauge was made from a bit of Plasticard. I also stuck some roman numeral transfers of of a IG transfer sheet!

Imperial Eagle stencil:

The contents of the container! Mmmm,, yum! Scorched Brown was applied to the whole area and then some Bestial Brown closer to the edges. The i used some of Army Painters 'Strong Tone' Quickshade on the whole area. Not only is this a dark brown wash, its also a gloss varnish! Perfect! Now I have some suitably disgusting and water-like contents!

So that's this container done! The sharp eyed of you will have noticed an additional two serial  number stencils from earlier in the post. They are intended for another two containers that i have waiting to go, and these are pictured below. They used to have liquid silicone in them for mould making! As they're a bit smaller than the one I've just made, so will make great ancillary containers!

Not sure when I'll get going on the other two containers - not to long i imagine! Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this  terrain piece!

The GunGrave


  1. Very impressive. I wasn't very excited about it during the work in progress post, but it turned out MUCH better than I gave it credit for. Props.

  2. Great work, seems quick and easy with a very nice result.

  3. NICE!! I really love the use of homemade stencils. Great work!

  4. I really like this. The construction was so simple and the paintjob has done an excellent job at bringing the piece to life!

  5. Cheers guys, really glad you like it!

    What im really trying hard to do at the moment is to show people how easy it is to make quality terrain for peanuts! It doesnt have to cost the world - you just need a bit of imagination!

  6. Very nice work! Love the stencils, and the water effects turned out really well. Keep up the great work!

  7. We can all have fun imagining Orks being gunned off the Gantry, falling into the waste below, where their body odour was improved vastly.