Thursday, 3 November 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Aqueduct Pt2 and Promethium Refinery

First up its the parts of the Aqueduct that i showed you in the last post, now painted!

The struts were painted in a mixture of 1:1 Calthan Brown: Red Gore and washed in a black oil paint wash:

Finally the connectors were sprayed with Tin Bitz and given a wash also. I'm glad i decided to paint the connectors a different colour - it breaks up all that Boltgun Metal!

If i find time before the Necron release on Saturday I'll begin construction of the other two straight sections for this project.

Secondly today, its the Apoc' Terrain Project: Promethium Refinery. Now I've mentioned this a few times since i completed the Gothic Cathedral project a few months ago, and today I'm going to outline exactly what it is!

The first bit is simple: its going to be a large Refinery of some sort! What i trying to do with this project though is make enough terrain to cover a 16ft x 6ft area! Obviously I'm not going to do that with one terrain piece, but a collection of Apocalypse scale terrain pieces! I've broken it down into  sub-projects:

Promethium Refinery Itself
Subterranean Loading Dock
Sewage Works
Power Station/Relay Station
'Principle 1' Highway
Hab Towers
(maybe a Communications Array - not sure on that yet!)

Its quite a list of Apoc' projects, but I'm getting through it quite quickly! You''ve already seen the Aqueduct, and that's about half way through, and also parts of the Sewage Works. The Sewage Works wasn't on the original list, but i figured as i had the terrain, it might as well be included! I've done the bulk of the construction on a Pumping Station for the Sewage Works today, which will bring this section of the project to completion. Well, it will once a load of Over Land Piping from Evil Mushroom Games arrives! Im trying to make each sub-project large enough to cover a standard 6 x 4ft gaming table, enabling me to use the terrain in normal games of 40K. This won't be possible for some of the projects though!

With those two sub-sections nearly completed, I've moved straight onto the next one: the Subterranean Loading Dock! I saw these on eBay the other night in a sale, and immediately grabbed two for £10 each! Bargain!

These are perfect for the Loading Dock and will service a set of four huge loading platforms which take supplies underground. Each crane is 1 meter high, and is actually remote controlled (but i wont be making use of that!) You can just about see the Genestealer on the top of the crane in the centre to give you a sense of scale! More on this sub-project once the other two are squared away!

Phew! So you can see that I've been going flat-out on the terrain front this week, and while the ideas keep flowing, I'm gonna keep building! The Necron release will understandably hamper my construction timetable, but I'm determined to keep up the momentum!

The GunGrave


  1. The pipes come out looking great... I do have to suggest that I think it could use some sort of building attached to it... something small like a control or system room / or some kind of pump station would do. I only say this because I ask myself the question : why do the pipes come out of the ground, and then along at high level and back into the ground?

    Also, that crane is looking interesting! and you should definately make use of the fact it is remote controlled! that could be awesome whilst the enemy is taking their movement... the opponent can control the crane (even better if you were able to pick up some crates and move them around to block enemy LoS... lol!)

  2. Very cool stuff! I love that crane as well, I'm off to see if I can find something similar for my own terrain collection - awesome!

  3. Ah, the joys of disposable income...

  4. @ Oink - Pipes look far better above ground than below it! Although below would be easier to model, i still prefer above ;) When i get around to building the Refinery (probably last on the list) the Aqueduct will run into it. The Aqueduct access into the refinery will also be 'optional' with some sort of cap that can be placed over the access if, for some reason, I dont want it going to the Refinery.

    Love the idea on the moving crane! Unfourtunately its the remote controller (which you can see dangling at the base) which is more of the problem! Its on a short lead so it would really get in the way!

    @ Mordian - jump on eBay mate - thats where i got this pair of cranes! Search for 'Tower Crane' and you will recognise it in the search results.

    @ GoldenKaos - get a dam job you bum! ;)