Friday, 27 January 2012

Battlefield in a Box: Sewage Works Play Test: GW Fame!

Yesterday I managed to get to club for the first time this term. This gave me the opportunity to play test the Sewage Works terrain set!

Below is the set up we used, show before deployment. I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough terrain to cover a 6x4 board, but it was more than enough!

Here's a shot about 2 turns in. My Vostroyans were pitched against the vile Eldar! It was a comfortable win, 7KP to 3KP.

I think its safe to deem this project a success! The only thing it really needs is a nice Zuzzy battlemat to play on! Once my Credit Card has recovered from the recent car breakdown (£400!!!) I'll think about getting one!

On a more smug note, my Space Wolves were featured on the GW website yesterday! Thanks to Alex (From the Fang) for dropping me a line and letting me know! Click here to check them out!

(a very smug!) GunGrave


  1. I have only just signed up to your blog, but I've checked it out since the first Blog Wars. Your terrain projects are brilliant and your model painting is exceptional and more then worthy of the GW blog :)

  2. Very cool! The battlefield-in-a-box experiment appears to be a rousing success, and they look great on the tabletop. Congrats on the GW blog inclusion as well, well deserved!

  3. space wolves look luvly jubly mate... very nice !

  4. Cheers guys. I'm really pleased the battlefield project worked out. Now i've got tones of ideas for battlefields that i want to make! Its gonna cost me a fortune!

    I'm still psyked that my stuff got onto GW! I hope my Guard stuff gets up there one day as well!

  5. Fantastic - many congrats. Great runes too.

    Love the battlefield-in-a-box, and delighted it worked, but you should pop in a link to the original post for quicker future reference...

    - D.

  6. That's my boy... making a featured showcase like GW site! Nice!