Monday, 2 January 2012

Apocalypse Terrain: Hab Block Pt 4

Welcome to 2012. I hope you all had a good New Year and a happy 'Inconcevable Virgin Birth Celebration Day' as well!

After a good week off from the hobby, i jumped straight back into the Hab Block project. I'm pleased to say that its now 100% complete! Those corners gave me tonnes of trouble though!

Firstly i went with the Polyfilla, and after 2 layers of the stuff and 4 days of drying ( ! ) the filler took on a rubbery consistency, much like bathroom sealant. This made it useless, as i wouldn't be able to sand it flat. Then i tried Milliput to finish it off. This worked well, but i struggled to get crisp corners and smooth surfaces. ARGH! Finally i gave some thin plasticard a go. As the gap was filled already, all i needed to do was clad the filla/milliput in the card to  get a tidy finish. This worked, and after the addition of a few rivets, it didn't look to bad. At this stage i decided to cut my losses, chalk it up to experience, and go with it!

2 of the corners had gaps small enough to fill with some Cities of Death pieces.

Once it was all dry i got it undercoated so i didn't have to look at all the horrible imperfections any longer! It still needs another 2 coats of paint before its done. Then its onto the details and a swift completion!

On a side note, Mrs GunGrave and her buddy wanted to dress up as Roman Soldiers for New Years! These breast plates were made from Plaster of Paris Bandages - thought they came out quite well! Guess which lucky bugger got to apply the bandages!!

Anyways, they also needed an eagle design on the front, but  i only had an Imperial Eagle stencil. They seemed quite happy with this, so on it went! It didn't half remind me of the Sisters of Silence! Always comforting to know theres a covenant of Sexy-Deadly-Pariah chicks knocking around!

The GunGrave