Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Death Korps of Krieg Superheavy Tanks; Necron Immortals

I had a freakin' mad day of painting yesterday! I was in the zone, and painted a Baneblade, a Macharius and finished off a unit of Necron immortals! I really wanted to get the super heavies done and ready for an Apoc' game this Sunday (more on that on Friday)

First up, its the Krieg Banblade!

This tanks got the new 141st Regiment colour scheme, weathered in the usual fashion!

MIG weathering powders were applied to the Baneblade Cannon, Demolisher Cannon, and exhaust pipes:

Managed to get some good rust spots on this one:

Vehicle markings. This is the 2nd vehicle of the 23rd Tank Company.

Now my favourite tanks in my collection, the Macharius! Easily one of my favourite Forgeworld models, of which i hope to have a full company of one day! That's 3 tanks not 10 before you get excited!!

Vehicle markings. This vehicles is the 3rd tank of the 11th company.

The tank commanders painted in the same way as the new Krieg colour scheme, as is the driver.

The Heavy Stubber.

Phew! Now these bad boys are ready for the game, which promises to be full of carnage!

Now finally, the last unit of Immortals for the Necrons. Only the Overlord to go and that's all of the infantry done!

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  1. Thats a good days painting! I love the mud effects on the tank tracks and the crew and the weathering and the colour scheme ...infact I pretty much like everything about them!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love how the weathering and insignia turned out, that's top notch work. Always loved the Macharius, I really need to get another one - definitely suffered serious seller's remorse when I offloaded my old one.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. It's all so beautiful... I don't think there's much more I can say!!!

  4. Love the Immortals' paint scheme!

    Also, have you played the Macharius in a game? How does it play? I'm considering buying one because its an amazing tank and it looks like fun to paint, but its a ton of money! D=

  5. In the game its not bad, but with its Duel Battle Cannon, is only a Leman Russ on steroids! If your gonna get one, i'd recomend one of the other variants such as the Vulcan or Vanquisher. I'm not a fan of the Omega; it doesnt look very nice, and for the price, you might as well go the extra mile and get a Stormblade!

    1. Yeah I'm not really sure what they were thinking with the Omega's design. I'm in love with the Vanquisher variant though! I was just worried about the bent parts that usually plague the FW kits.

      Keep up the great work with the minis! Your Death Korps are part of what inspired me to start collecting them!

    2. I know what you mean mate. Though in the last 2 years that i've been buying Forgeworld kits (and thats a lot of kits!!) i havent had to do anything more than ajust the shape of a part using hot water. The last 3 Rapiers that i've bought have been top quiality!

      I know Forgeworld have had their problems in the past, but i'd totally recomend them now! They're not paying me to say this.....honest!

      I'm glad you've been inspired by the Krieg! Its always great to hear!

    3. Thanks, good to hear that I shouldn't have too much trouble. I've had to use the hot water trick a couple times with the kits I've gotten, but I've seen some nasty horror stories from other people so I just wanted to get an opinion before I go blow that kind of money on a single kit!

      Have you seen the new rules for the Macharius in Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition yet?

  6. Yeah ive got a copy (great book if you havent got it!) The only change is that the Macharius fires a single S8 AP3 7" blast now rather than 2 5" blasts like before.

    Makes sense really!

    1. Yeah I've got a copy, really nice quality book compared to some of GamesWorkhop's.

      Anywho, Have a good day!

  7. I think that your Baneblade is your best tank to date! Excellent job!

    Would you mind sharing what colors you used for your basecoat and the light stripping? The variation in color makes it look like natural camouflage (if there is such a thing). Top notch!

    1. Sure! Its Army Painters Uniform Grey (which is just Codex Grey in a can!) with Adeptus Battlegrey stripes, applied using an airbrush.

    2. Thanks for the quick response. It appears to have a slightly green tint, but maybe that is my monitor.

      Regardless, I'll have to try that stuff out. I just googled it, and with it being a primer and color spray it sounds like a real time saver.

  8. Looks great,i put my finger on what is missing on the Mecharius,splatter.
    The mud looks painted on with that big clean square spot.
    Best way with airbrush mix up your mud mixture(pigment and plaster of paris) a little on the wet side.
    Load up an old brush with mud and hold it over the area to be splattered,then bladt it with a gust of air from your airbrush.
    If you do not have a airbrush use another brush to flick the loaded brush against.
    Like how they show in the FW masterclass book.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I've been using old school Brown Wash for the splatter in the past - guess i just got lazy here!

    Like the idea with the airbrush, cheers!

  10. Hi this is just the colour scheme I'm looking for! Would you be kind enough to share how you painted it step by step and the colours you used? Also how did you make/paint your mud? Nobody else has a painting tutorial on the net i'd be very grateful if you could help?