Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Apocalypse Terrain: Hab Block Complete!

I present, the Hab Block!

This has only really took me 3 weeks to complete (that's not including the idle time over Xmas), so pretty swift in Apoc' Terrain terms. Ultimately I'd like to have another 1 of these, maybe 2! With a small build time like this, it seems very likely that it will happen!

After another 2 coats of primer i airbrushed some Codex Grey on random parts of the structure. I did this partly to break up all the dark grey, and partly to cover up the patches of paint that the oil paint wash melted! Yes people, it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen!

Aside from that, theres not a great deal of colour on here. The picture below shows the areas where I've added some Boltgun Metal. Just to the fans, boxes and skulls, repeated all over the structure. I also added some MIG weathering powder to those small cap things on the base of the fan tiles. They looked like they might periodically eject something from them!

This is as fancy as it got in terms of embellishments! A bit of Dwarf Bronze on the Cogs and doorway, and the rest is Boltgun Metal.

The botched corners on this building are suitably muted now its painted! Their tragic story will never be known. 

A small splash of weathering powder to the roof sections helped break up the grey a bit more.

That's that! Another Apoc' Terrain project complete! Unfortunately the Hab Block now has to go into storage until the next Apoc' game. I'll have to visit it in the garage every now and then.....! With any luck it will be joined by some new pieces soon. On the list is a pair of Defence Laser Installations (heavily modelled on the GW ones in the Apoc' book), and a long standing idea: Imperiator Bridge!

The GunGrave


  1. Very nice - that turned out really well!

  2. Impressive! It turned out great!

  3. Cheers dudes! I'm very pleased with it as well - so much so that i want a few more!

  4. Want to see that on a table with other scenery.

    Looks great!

  5. Nice one mate - thats all sorts of awesome. The random grey bits add character to it and those corners dont look bad at all.

  6. Great Blog!

    IM following you!

    You can follow me too ! I got a painting Blog!

  7. Looks nice. It definitely looks lonely in the garage though. Maybe a few slumming marines to keep it company?

  8. This is epic, Would love to play on it. Terrain can be so awesome, thanks for reminding me lol

  9. Which MIG powders do you have?
    Industrail city dirt would look great worked directly into the walls,sealed in with odorless thinner.
    If you have a rust powder pick out 3-4 bolts in the walls and using thinner make a paste and paint a rust streak or two.
    Once dry blend it in a bit with a flat brush dampened with thinner.
    Great work,I wish I had the room,I always wanted to do terrain.

  10. How did I miss this before? Epic work dude.