Thursday, 19 January 2012

Back to the Necrons

With the Rapiers out of the way, i thought it was high time i gave the 'Crons some love.

First up is some Cryptek conversions. I use the term 'conversions' very lightly here, as it basically involved a head swap and a bit of staff adjusting! Its an idea that's been floating around the net for a bit now: use plastic Lychguard models and stick Deathmark heads on them. Much better than running the 'CrapCast Guantlet' in my opinion! Plus you get loads of spares! Their are 2 Harbingers of Destruction with Eldrich Lances and 1 Harbinger of Transmo-whatsa-thingy with Tremorstave!

I made some minor adjustments to the Harbinger of Transmo Tremorstave guy's staff! The end is just a Warscythe with an extra Warscythe blade attached to the other side. It just had to be different from the other two. This  guys also going to be packing a 'Harp as well, but I'm still working on ideas for that. 

Some more Immortals with Gauss Blasters.....yawn.....

Out of those 10 Warriors i showed you a few weeks ago, i figured that i only needed 4 more for the army, so i was lazy and boxed the other 6!

Some more good results on the marble paint effects.

Finally, my Overlord. I decided to buy an Annihilation Barge and use the Overlord from that than bother with the ShiteCast version. At least this way a get a decent Overlord and a quality 'HS' choice as well! A simple 40m base was all that was needed for this guy with plenty of Necrony crystals as well!

Some painted pictures of these guys will be up  next week!

The GunGrave


  1. Nice - I always enjoy the marble effect you get, I really need to give it a whirl. Looking forward to seeing more necron goodness!

  2. I am looking at doing the same thing with Crypteks. The Praetorian modles are too cool looking not to use somehow. A shame thier rules blow.

  3. Nothing beats a good kitbash conversion! The simple head swap, or a little addition always transforms a model better than any fancy gs work or scratch building! Good job, and I echo the comments from Mordian too

  4. Lots of Finecast hate here! Love the Crypteks, and the marbling is nice. I think the Finecast Cryptek and Overlord is nice to break up monotony, but there's so many ways around them, its not even funny. Good work man!

  5. Cheers guys!

    Granesh - I can't begin to tell you how much I hate that product!! I love the sculpts, but the results ate poor at best! I'll never buy another CrapCast.