Thursday, 22 December 2011

Apocalypse Terraiin: Hab Block Pt 3

I've been casting, sanding and building solidly for the last 2 days! I was desperate to get the Hab Block built before Christmas so that painting could start promptly during the week off i have over the new year. I wasn't completely successful, but have only the corners to sort out! With a handful of solutions in mind, it shouldn't take long to put right.

Here it is! As you can see, the Block was made up of about 98% resin cast panels, the total cost being around the £80 mark. Not bad i think for a building this size! Scale is shown today by members of the Vlka Fenryka! (Soz about the picture quality. They were taken in the evening so i only had the yellowy light to go by!)

And so remains the corner problem. One of my options is to fill it with by new buddy Polyfilla, and it smooth, and add some rivets to it.

I probably wont be doing any more work on this until after Christmas, but it shouldn't take long to put the finishing touches on it and get painting!

Have a great Christmas, and I'll see you on the other side!


  1. OMG that thing is epically big!

    As for the corners, rather than trying to blend in a smooth the building line around, why not add to the corner, to build a type of buttress. This can be fully vertically joined and either wrap around the corner completely (clasping buttress) or stick out from both wall ends (angled buttress)... this will also give the impression of wall thickness and a feeling of sheer mass (as if you needed more!)

    You may want to consider adding buttresses to the building length too, in order to add more interest to teh building line (and help cement that gothic feel!)

    The thing must weigh a TON!

  2. Nice - that's a beast of a building!

    Perhaps you could mask the corner with some creeping greenery like ivy or a closely-planted tree? Oink's idea about buttressing is fantastic as well!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Cheers guys, glad you like it! Your right, it does weigh a lot!

    I tried the buttress idea with some large Pegasus pillars, but even they were to small. I've started to put down the first layers of polyfilla to fill the gaps. Once its flat and smooth i'll reassess the options.

    Can't wait to paint it now!