Saturday, 13 November 2010

Vulture Gunships Complete! Bring on the Punishers!

Now that all my guests have gone home, i can crack on with my beloved hobby! First on the list was the Vultures with Punisher Cannons, which are now complete!

I was a bit worried that the camo stripes would be a bit to strong, but after weathering it seems that they have calmed down a bit! Plus the large engine breaks the whole thing and I'm very pleased with the end result.

Engine detail:

Vulture One

Vulture 2. I attempted to give this Vulture a forward tilt to make it look as though it is on a strafing run. I nearly butchered the flying stand completely trying to achieve this! The undercarriage of the Vulture hides the damage though!!

Nice group shot:

You'll notice that i still havent added any of the Elysian transfers yet. This is because there are a limited number of Valkerie transfers included, so i'll take another look at them once the final Valkerie is bought and completed.

Here are a few shots of the bases. Firstly theres the 'sand dune' base i mentioned in my last post. I'm happy with it, but it is just a bit TO plain i think. I may try to add some wildlife to it, a nasty scorpion or two!

Here is the base that started life as the 'straffing run' base. I really didn't like it, so i chucked a load of glue into the holes and filled them with sand. When it dried, some of the holes were still there! I went with it though and tuned them into mini impact craters. Some girders and barbed wire finished it off. I felt it was a bit of a cop-out, but at least the base is semi-interesting and in keeping with the rest!

On the table now is the 2 Elysian Sentinels. They are almost complete, so more on that tomorrow!


  1. Absolutely gleaming, mate!

    I love these models, and you do these true justice.

    Thanks for sharing!