Friday, 19 November 2010

The Last Valkyrie; Any Ideas for a Flying Base??

Well here's an original picture - yet ANOTHER Valkyrie on the painting table! Fortunately this is the last one for the Elysians, and will be the second of the Vendetta Gunships.

I've has this guy for a few days now, but my Army Painter Primer ran out halfway though spraying (DOH!) so I've been waiting for another! That came today, and with the completion of the prime, the basic colours are now on.

My trouble isn't with the Vendetta though, its with its base. This will be the 6th scenic flying base I've done for the army, but I'm out of ideas!! What i need is a cool desert themed idea to go on this base, and this is where you come in, dedicated followers! If you have any ideas for the base, then please let me know! I'm really stuck on this one, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. For a desert base: get a skeleton or two (maybe a skeletal horse) from the fantasy range, add sand.

  2. Humm not bad, not bad. Feel an idea forming, thanks.

  3. Ah Ha, i like that idea even more! Would probably have to do half a wadi because of the base size. Could add some vegitiation to it as well with that idea!