Thursday, 18 November 2010

Terrain: Manufactorum

Firstly, I took my Elysians for their first outing yesterday. Two games, one draw one win. Started with everything on the table for the first game which was Objectives with Standard Deployment. That didnt go to well, but the ensuing carnage ensured that not a single objective was claimed! Second game, Capture and Control with Standard Deployment. This time i kept all but the two Vendettas and a Vulture in reserve. The results were fantastic, desimating a Blood Angels army and retaining contol of my objective, while he left his objective to try and engage me. Units in reserve from no on methinks!

While im waiting for some more Elysian Drop Sentinels to arrive, i decided to make a start on a modular gaming table. This ideas been on the back burner for AGES, and with a few spare buildings lying around i took this oppotunity to make a start.

Each building will be set on a 1ft sqaure board, giving me a total of 24 squares! Quite a lot of building to be done, but i'll set a few on 2ft boards as well to make some really grand buildings! But for now i'll be keeping it small.

So, here is the first one, a Mechanicus Manufactorum. Here are the work in progress pictures:

And here is the painted building. Kept it nice and simple, a very dark grey basecoat (some random spray from Halfords!) with a Fortress Grey drybrush. Then i just painted a few of the metalic areas with Boltgun Metal and Dwarf Bronze. The whole model was then airbrushed with black oil paint diluted in white spirit for shading. A bit of rust weathering powder on the exposed metal and random areas and we're done!

Quite like this terrain business, might get some more on the go! Watch this space.


  1. Good use of rubble scattered around the ruins of the manufactorum -- very effective and well themed!