Sunday, 28 November 2010

Rise of the Kabal

Well, im glad to be home after a FREEZING week at Centre Parcs in Longleat! I recomend that no-one goes there this time of year!!!

I have admittedly been firmly bitten by the Dark Eldar bug, and I'm finally making preparations to start building a new Dark Eldar army! I have been waiting for about a week and a half for some snow bases to come from the guys at Micro Art Studios (who are based in Poland!) and they arrived on Friday! So this evening saw some frantic Kabalite building!

Here are the bases i received, five 25mm Winter Shale Bases as well as two 40mm ones. They're nothing that special, but it'll make the models a little more interesting. I'll see how they paint up and decide if i want to buy some more.

So far I'm happy with the bases as the models seem to fit nicely. The squad below is one of two identical squads: 1 Splinter Cannon and 9 Kabalite Warriors with Splinter Rifles.

I'm going to go with a black and blue colour scheme; black armour with a striking blue edge to it. This is why i decided to go with snow bases, to keep a cold feel to the army! Plus, I've never done an army on snow bases, so it'll make a nice change!

As well as the bases arriving, i also received the guy who will stand in as my Archon. As much as i liked the new GW Archon, i wanted to have a look around the other miniature studios to see if there was anything that stood out a bit. This is the guy i found and he was purchased from Studio McVey, based in the UK. The pics looked amazing and the quality of the model is superb! The dynamic pose, the malicious looking blades and most importantly, the pointy ears, all made this guy a great candidate for an Archon! I will have to do a bit of work on him to make him a true Dark Eldar, but it wont be much. I will have to ditch one of the punch-daggers and replace it with a Splinter Pistol as per my army list, along with a Phantasm Grenade Launcher on the back. I'm going to lavish lots of attention on this guy, its the least the model deserves! I highly recommend checking out Studio McVeys website as they're are some great mini's on there!

This is the picture from the Studio McVey website which gives you a clearer picture of what he'll look like. I'll probably mount him on one of the 40mm bases, but I'm not sure it I'll include the stalactite bits.

And finally, my 1750pts Dark Eldar Army List. As usual I've gone for as much balance as possible. I like to take to the field being able to cope with as many threats as possible! Let me know what you think!

Dark Eldar 1750pt Army List
Archon – 110pts

• Archon with Splinter Pistol-60pts

• Venom Blade-5pts

• Combat Drugs-10pts

• Ghostplate Armour-10pts

• Phantasm Grenade Launcher-25pts

Leleth Hesperax – 175pts
Incubi – 150pts

• 5 Incubi–110pts

• Klaivex Upgrade-15pts

• Bloodstone – 15pts

• Murderous Assault-10pts

Raider Transport – 70pts

• Disintegrator Cannon–free

• Flickerfield-10pts

Kabalite Trueborn – 190pts

• 10 Trueborn-120pts

• 6 Shardcarbines-30pts

• 2 Blasters-30pts

• 2 Shredders – 10pts

Raider Transport – 70pts

• Dark Lance–free

• Flickerfield-10pts

Kabalite Warriors – 100pts

• Splinter Cannon-10pts

Kabalite Warriors – 100pts

• Splinter Cannon-10pts

Wyches – 135pts

• 10 Wyches-100pts

• Hekatrix with Venom Blade-15pts

• 2 Hydra Guntlets-20pts

Raider Transport – 60pts

• Disintegrator Cannon-free

• Shock Prow – 5pts

Wyches – 125pts

• 9 Wyches-90pts

• Hekatrix with Venom Blade-15pts

• 2 Hydra Guntlets-20pts

Raider Transport – 60pts

• Dark Lance –free

• Shock Prow – 5pts

Fast Attack
Reavers – 162pts

• 4 Reavers with Splinter Rifles-132pts

• 2 Reavers with Blasters-30pts

Heavy Support
Ravenger – 115pts

• 3 Dark Lances

• Night Shield-10pts

Ravenger – 115pts

• 3 Disintegrator Cannons

• Night Shield-10pts


So tomorrow will see a lot of Kabalite painting and work on the final Vendetta gunship for the Elysians (that kindda got pushed to the back of the painting que!)


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