Sunday, 7 November 2010

First Vulture Gunship Complete

Progress has been slow on the gunships due to an unfortunate bout of Man Flu (yes ladies, its much more serious than regular flu!) But today i felt much better, so set about making up for lost time.

One of the Gunships is now complete (well about 99%) I just want to add a bit of weathering powder around the exhausts and weapons once the white spirit is dry. The colour scheme matches the Valkyries and Vendetta's, giving me a nice consistent feel through the army. The only difference of course is the camo stripes on the hull. Although i want a consistent scheme, i still wanted the Vultures to stand out a bit! As usual i went with the usual weathering techniques; simple but effective! And here it is:

As for the bases, well they've been keeping me up at night! I'm really not happy with the bullet impact base, and have covered over the impact craters. Will have to go for something a bit more straight forward like a barbed wire fence or something. The sand dune base is still going ahead, i applied the milliput this evening.

Tomorrow I'll continue with the second Gunship, and hope for completion by Wednesday. Then its onto my favorite 40K models, Sentinels!

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