Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Early Reinforcements

Well, it was my birthday yesterday and i am now the ripe old age of 26! Cue enthusiasm.....

After many years of refusing to buy toys for a grown man, my parents finally relented and bought me a pair of Elysian Drop Sentinels for my birthday! Personally i just think they're fishing for decent Christmas presents! Whatever the motive, i was chuffed!

Disaster quickly stuck however! In my haste to build the sentinels, i lost one of the feet! I was not about to pay £15 for another sentinel of which i only needed the foot, so i went and cast my own (using the one i hadn't lost!) DOH!

I also made another huge error, and that was to cut off the dashboard of one of the sentinels thinking that it was excess flash! BIG WHOOPS! Thankfully good old plasticard was there to save the day, and a new one was easily constructed! Well, it was a little ropey, but then plasticards mate Green Stuff was there to fill in (pun totally intended!)

And now they are complete and ready for painting. The bases are also ready to go as well. As usual, i used Milliput on the base to give it a bit more texture. I'll actually be keeping these guys on hold for the time being until i finish the Vultures, which brings my nicely onto my next item.....

Vulture progress! Both built, primed, camo'ed-up and one has got all of its base colours on. I'm aware that the pictures make the camo stripes look very red, but that's actually Dark Flesh and its a bit more brown in person! This was the hardest part of the painting; it just took me ages to decide on a colour for the stripes! I eventually asked my girlfriend in my desperation, and went with the Dark Flesh! Risky i know, but she came through for me (and will subsequently be getting a sweet Christmas present!)

One of the bases for these bad boys is also compete and ready to be sanded. I took a bit of a risk with this base, as I'm not sure if I'll get the effect i want out of it. It is meant to be two rows of bullet impacts in the sand from the Vultures Punisher Cannons as its on a strafing run. I'm still not sure about it, but ill sand it and paint it and see what it looks like. I'll just have to find another base if it sucks! The second Vulture base will be sand dunes, which are still currently under construction. More on that soon!

That's all for now dedicated followers! Peace out!


  1. happy birthday for yesterday. Its my birthday on thursday. Might buy the new codex with my birthday money

  2. happy birthday...and nice work all round!

  3. Happy birthday! Those bases look great, I like the extra texturing and detail you've added.