Sunday, 14 November 2010

Elysian Drop Sentinels

The first of my Sentinel squadrons are complete. These guys took no time at all to complete!!

However, once they were complete i felt that they were lacking something; nothing specific, just SOMETHING! They just looked like miniatures, if you know what i mean!

I spotted some medical gauze on my desk that i swiped from work and had a brainwave! I figured that these were scout sentinels, and therefore would qualify for some camo netting (although hiding a huge metal walker under a sheet is conceptually ineffective!) I'm pleased that i went for it. For me the netting really brings the models to life! You'll notice that i used the new Elysian transfers on these guys as well. A great set of transfers, fully recommended for all Elysian commanders!

Camo netting detail

The gauze was soaked in watered down PVA glue and then stretched out over the hull. I also added small strips of gauze to the main body of the netting, which received an additional wash of Devlan Mud to make them stand out a bit.

Well what  next?? I've run out of models again! Although i haven't run out of cash, i have a few social events coming up which will involve considerable expenditure! All i need is a Valkyrie and another two sentinels and the army done!

I have to admit though, my thoughts have been drifting towards Dark Eldar lately! I even nipped out and bought the codex the other day while the regimental commissars weren't looking, so i wouldn't be surprised if a new army starts to emerge! Right, off to the Shrink now - need to tell him about these voices in my head that make me want to inflict extreme pain and suffering.......


  1. I likes them! Very effective mate.

  2. Cheers dude! Deffinately gonna go for the same effect with the other two sentinels.

  3. That Camo Netting looks amazing... did you add paint to the glue?

  4. No mate. Because i had to paint the pilot inside first, the cammo netting was the last thing to be added. So i didnt ruin the rest of the model with spray paint, i sprayed the gauze while it was dry, let the paint dry, then soaked it in the watery PVA. I thought that the paint might run when it was wet, but it held and dried perfectly!

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