Monday, 21 October 2013

Vlka Fenryka: Long Fangs Complete; Lone Wolf WIP

A random change of direction this week! I've had a squad of Long Fangs built and ready to go on my painting desk for about 2 years now, no joke! Last week I looked at them and thought, its about time I got you painted!

Its a bit of a rush job to be honest - I just wanted them done and out of the way so I didn't have to look at them guiltily anymore!

With the Vlka Fenryka on my mind I looked that the rest of the assembled force in my display cabinet. I realised that the army was only now 1 Lone Wolf and 4 Fenrisian Wolves away from completion! A buddy of mine had 4 Wolves for me which I'll collect at the weekend, so I set about making the last Lone Wolf.

I really didn't want to trawl eBay looking for parts, so I hopped I would find what I needed in my vast 'bits' collection. Fortunately I did. The main torso and body are generic Terminator parts, the arms are spare Wolf Guard parts as was the fur pelt. The left shoulder guard is from Scibors Miniatures as is the scenic base. I stuck on a couple of wolf skulls, tails and daggers to 'Space Wolf' it up a bit as well! For a mini that was 'Frankensteined' from spare parts, it turned out quite well.

An extra wolf pelt arm was glued to the left and side of the pelt to make it a bit more complete.

As this pelt didn't really fit properly onto the top of the generic Terminator torso, and the addition (and omission) of the pelt arm, some green stuff work was required. Certainly not complicated, but it really did the trick.

The base from Scibors is a beauty, and I totally forgot that I had these!

This is the Vlka Fenryka so far - when they're complete i'll take them to club, as surprisingly, they've never seen a game in the years that I've had them!

For the All-Father!

The GunGrave

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