Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Death Korps of Krieg: Heavy Mortar Battery and Platoon 2 Command Squad

The absence of new resin crack from Forgeworld (soon to be rectified!) I'm continuing to repaint the final units of my Death Korps collection. Next up, Second Platoon Command Squad.

Junior Officer:

Special Weapons:

Vox Operator:

Vox antennae have always been a bit of a pain to model without them continuously snapping off! I've decided to give guitar string a go, as its got a bit of give in it. Looks good, so I've gone through the army and upgraded all the Vox Operators with their own guitar strings!

Platoon Standard Bearer.

Second Platoon is denoted with a green Standard. Here's a shot of the Platoon 1 Standard Bearer, denoted in red. Its a nice distinction, but it has no practical application, as the Kreigsmen have no markings to affiliate the with their Platoon!.

Next up is the final Heavy Mortar:

Mortar with Loader 1:


Loader 2:

Here is the whole of the repainted A-Battery! These guys take up an Elites choice in the FoC, and at 55pts a pop, with 4 S6 Barrage shots, its a must have for a themed DKOK army!

The GunGrave

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  1. Absolutely beautiful work, man! I especially dig the vox operator, that looks great!