Monday, 28 October 2013

Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster and Retinue

With new models to paint in short supply, I'm continuing with the repaint of the Krieg. With this and the last infantry squad now completed, there are only about four more units left to do. One that is done, I think I'll look at expanding the collection, particularly in the Artillery and Infantry areas!

That's a post for another day though - in the meantime, here's the repainted Quartermaster and his Retinue. The only model that actually received a full repaint was the Quartermaster. The Servitors were a bit dusty from a bad varnish job, so I just touched up their robes and metallic areas to freshen them up a bit.

The Quartermaster:

Dogsbody Servitor:

The detail on these minis is really nice.

Scribe - probably my favourite Servitor!

Medical Servitor:

I also have the wounded Kriegsman, but he needs repainting. He's regularly used as an objective marker!

While I was in Krieg mode I quickly finished off the last infantry squad:

Hobby posts will be tailing off a bit over the next few weeks, as I'm now back to work after a long period of injury. But I'm hopeful for some new Forgeworld models for my birthday on Friday!

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  1. Good stuff, man! That quartermaster set is beautifully done - keep up the great work!

  2. Cheers, dude. More to come this week, and more Heresy Death Guard next week.

    Like how your Iron Hands are coming along as well!

  3. Hi, It was nice to meet you in person the other at the club and great to see your work in the flesh. Great work rate and such high quality! We shall have to arrange a game soon. Our blog written by lots of Worcester based players is

  4. Yes it was good to meet you! We'll definitely get a game organised soon. I arrange my games via the Worcester Wargames FB page, so hit me up on there when you can make it down.