Thursday, 17 October 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard: Predator Destructor Completed

Sorry there's been no WIP pics on the units lately. I'm churning these babies out so fast that it hardly seems worth it!

So this is not only a freakin' awesome model, its going to provide some much needed fire support to my Legionaires in games. For only 100pts its a steal. The colour scheme of course matches the rest of the vehicles and walkers in the army so far.

I really like the way the weathering came out on this tank. I don't think I did anything different, but it looks the nuts! The green markings were a pain to paint on around the sponsons, but I got it down after a few passes.

I also added a smaller green stripe on the turret to break up the base colour a bit. I really wished i'd got some Death Guard Brass Etch and Transfers in my last Forgworld order, as they'd look really good on this tank. I'll be adding a transfer of some brass etch to the centre of this turret stripe later on.

The barrel of the Predator Cannon was treated to a bit of weathering powder, and that saw it done!

I've moved swiftly onto the next unit: Legion Heavy Support Squad with Missile Launchers. I've also upgraded this squad with Flakk Missiles and an Augary Scanner (allows Interceptor for units deploying within 18in of the unit) This unit along with the Contemptor Mortis will supply the anti-aircraft element to my Legion forces.

This unit should be completed by the end of Friday, which will give me a force big enough to field in battle! I'll be taking them along to club next week for a spin!

The GunGravve


  1. Looking good, nice and weathered well.

    I just built one of these myself for Sons of Horus. Excited to start painting.

  2. Yeah I've been following your build mate. Looking forward to the painting!

  3. Awesome stuff, man! You're cranking these out like there's no tomorrow - great work!

  4. This army's coming together nicely :)