Monday, 14 October 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard: Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought Complete

The second Contemptor is now complete, this time its a Mortis Pattern. It obviously looks the same, but it  has slightly different rules set. You can find these rules in Horus Heresy book 2: Massacre.
The Mortis is an Anti-Air Defence pattern, and must be armed with identical weapons. These do not count as Twin Linked. If the mortis doesn't move in the movement phase, then the Mortis gains the Interceptor and Skyfire rules for that game turn! Pretty sweet huh? Its also cheaper than the regular Contemptor by 25pts in the equivalent pattern. 

An identical colour scheme was used on this Mortis and the previous Contemptor.

Some black weathering powders were applied to the Kheres Pattern Assault Canons.

I gave the base of the Mortis quite a bit of attention to compliment the dynamic pose I wanted the Dreadnought to have. I used foam and milliput to create the height, and some Cities of Death pieces to finish it off.

Think I love this Contemptor more than the last one! I've now got enough points of Death Guard to play a 1200pt game, so im really looking forward to giving this guy a run out!

In the post from Forgeworld is a MKIII Heavy Support Squad with Missile Launchers and a Demios Pattern Predator. I also suspect that my lovely girlfriend picked me up a Fire Raptor Gunship from Games Day for my birthday, which is in 3 weeks. A lot more resin to come!

The GunGrave


  1. Nice! Love the base, and the twin Kheres cannons definitely make it look intimidating. Great work, man!

  2. Great job as usual,like the base too.

  3. Cheers dudes! Actually entered this guy into a painting competition at my LFGS - fingers crossed!

  4. Is this model on display in Worcester wargames?

  5. Yes sir, it is! Well spotted! Lol

  6. Nice one mate - I love the pose and the painting is top notch - the paint across this army is really unified.