Friday, 4 October 2013

Battlefield in a Box: Trench Works - Update

A great deal of progress has been made on the Trench Works this week! A Trench Battlefield isn't a Trench battlefield without....well, Trenches!

As much as I love the Wall of Martyrs sets, I think they went a little overboard on the details. So the Trenches didn't hurt my eyes so much, I covered them in some mud! Besides, this will make the Death Korps feel more at home.

Happy with the results I repeated the process and undercoated in Army Painters Uniform Grey:

Then to painting. I kept it simple, painting only the decorative plates and the mud. Dwarf Bronze was used on the plates and Beastial Brown for the mud. The brown was applied using an airbrush.

I think the detailing on the trenches looks much better when poking through a load of mud! The whole trench was then given a thick heavy brown oil paint wash.

The repeat! (this took freakin' ages!)

In a much needed break from Trenches, I moved onto the Forgeworld Bunkers. Having completed the build a few posts ago, I just needed to paint it. I continued with the muted colour pallet, airbrushing Scorched Brown onto the rocks, followed by Denheb Stone, then washed with Serephim Siepa, then finally drybrushed with Denheb Stone. 

Bunker Interior:

Bunker Rear:

Rock detailing. I was very pleased with the way these turned out. The process was a little lengthy, but it was worth it.

Airbrushing the mud gave a nice graduation onto the actual trenches themselves.

In full 'Bunker Mode' I rapidly built and painted the second bunker in the same manner as the first. This build was much quicker.

I used a higher density foam for the rocks than the first. I think the gave me much better results, with some nice tight angles.

The same paint scheme was used:

As well as the same layout.

Unfortunately though I wasn't quite as thorough when applying the PVA to protect the foam. So when I came to applying the spray varnish, some small portions of the foam melted! I've reapplied some mud to the affected areas and plugged the gaps. Once its dry i'll paint it again.

Finally I began working on some scatter terrain. For a battlefield like this I decided to start with some Razor Wire:

Some plastic T-Bar and I-Beams were crossed and stuck to some MDF, then some garden wire was coiled and strung between the beams.

Although you cant really see it here, the beams were painted with Scorched Brown, wire with Boltgun Metal, and the mud with Beastial Brown. Then a brown oil paint wash was applied to the whole thing. Just need some more scatter terrain ideas now.....

Having told some gamers about my project down at Club I was asked if I could bring in what i'd done so far for a game:

Looking pretty good! Incidentally, I've taken the Sewage Works Battlefield out for a spin as well, complete with its 2 new additions. my Death Korps Armoured Regiment faced off against some Dark Eldar with enough Dark Lances to take out a Battalion of Tanks!! I went on to win this one though.


More progress soon!

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  1. For scatter terrain minefields would be obvious (dangerous but not difficult or cover-granting), as would shell craters and perhaps wrecked vehicles from previous battles that hadn't been cleared away. The wrecked shuttle from the Battle for Macragge starter would work well, shot down in no man's land.

  2. Looks great, man! Like the idea of covering up the skull-tastic front of the defense lines in mud, may have to try something similar!

    Awesome stuff!

  3. Great Work- and to Win the battle too- well done.

  4. Cheers guys

    Yeah land mines would be a good choice. Going to grab some fathers as well and 'mud' those up a bit!