Sunday, 6 March 2011

The GunGrave Still Lives!

Hang in there loyal followers, I'm still alive!

It feels like ages since i last posted on here, but in fact its only been 7 days.....I think i might be a little TO involved in my blog!

So I've been reasonable idle this last week, as I've been waiting for the new furniture to arrive for my Forge! I'm pleased to say that's its here, and the desks are up and in! I just need to accessorise a bit, so a road trip to Ikea in Cardiff is planned for Tuesday - along with a big Forgeworld order to fill in the deficit of hobby goodness that's developed lately! On the cards is 2 Vulture Gunships with Punisher Canons (what else!) and 4 Death Korps Heavy Bolter teams - plus anything else that takes my fancy between now and then (namely those SWEET Cadian Hazardous Environment kits! I feel a new Guard army coming on.....!)

So watch this space, the hobby will return to A Guardsmans Guide to Glory, and soon!

The GunGrave

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