Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The New Forge is now Operational!

So I'm guessing that most readers couldn't give a hoot about my new refurbished man-room! But i love it so much I'm going to share it with you before i get back to modeling! So here it is in its glory!

I spent a bomb on a load of new furniture for this room, mainly because i have a knackered back and needed a desk that i didn't have to stoop over. So the height adjustable desks Ive got in here now will do nicely!! So onto the other essential ingredients for a successful and productive Forge:

Storage, Storage, Storage! I used to have masses of boxes just lying around the place, and it was a pain! I found this shelf unit in the Ikea kiddies section, unit and 6 draws for about £31! Not bad for a massive space saving, de-cluttering piece of genius!

Jumbo Cutting Mat!I was only allowed these desks on the condition that i looked after them, or Mrs GunGrave would have my nuts hanging on the wall! So me and my Nuts decided that the desktop needed some practical protection, and this A1 size cutting mat fitted the bill, and only £20 off eBay! Gleaming!

Light Box. Now i have the space, my light box can have a permanent home, free from the predations of my marauding cats!

Display Cabinets. I already had 2 of these, but another one never hurts! These ones are £40 from Ikea, and probably the cheapest you'll find out there! Plus they give me bags of room to park my Valkyries!!

Stirring Artwork. Motivational scenes of death and carnage!

Plus a bit of Star Wars for moderation! (Cheers Bro, awesome Christmas present!)

Cognator Banks and Data Stacks. Internet access is a must in my Forge, especially for reference.

Just in case the Internet doesn't have what I'm looking for, an old fashion reference book or White Dwarf might help!

So there it is! I'm hoping production will re-start tomorrow! I've got about two and a half weeks before i go back to work (back trouble unfortunately) so I'm using the time to get a bit of Forgeworld in! 2 Vulture Gunships with Punisher Cannons (what else!) and 4 Death Korps Heavy Bolter Teams, all for my up-and-coming Death Korps Armoured Regiment!

The GunGrave


  1. I bow to your organizational skills. It looks to be an incredibly good use of the space. I may have to see if the IKEA here is the states has a similar display case. My Reaver is languishing away in a cardboard box right now.

  2. Nice new forge you have there!
    Great place to work - I'm sure you'll burst with creativty while in this room.


    Where on Earth do you get room for a space like that? In my cottage the only allowance I have is the leaky, wind-blown shed!

    The pictures are a nice touch.

  4. HELL! I know what that feels!
    I've recently built my desktop this summer, and it's awesome to have some proper man/hobyy/studio place for our own.

    I really ENVY that cave buddy, looks great!!

    Thanks for sharing, and I again, the envy is corrupting me now xD

  5. He he he yeah i am a very lucky guy to be able to do this! The rent in Wales is dirt cheap compared to England, so we live in a 4 bedroom detatched house with 3 reception rooms. The 3rd reception room is my cave! However, i did have to sacrifice one of the bedrooms to Mrs GunGrave so she could have her own Lady Cave as well!! A small price to pay for her continued tollerance!

    @ Drax- i did used to have to work in the shed when i lived in Southampton! I didnt get much done though 'cos it was so dam cold!! The first step of many towards hobby bliss!

    @ The Inner Geek - dude, you've GOT to get that Reaver out of the box! The God Machines deserve so much better! ;) I should think the US Ikea would have the same stuff as they do here. They're great cabinets, a hobby 'must have' i think!

    Glad the rest of you like the cave!

  6. Definitely jealous. Way nicer than the dork station where I paint my stuff. :)

  7. Inspirational! I'll be spending some time on a re-org of my cave based on some great ideas here.

    I really love the simple photo light box. I'll be trying my hand at that neat little project this weekend.

  8. Very cool set up my man!!!Clean,sharp and decorated Great!

  9. OMG if only I could have my own room just like you, I have to make do with the dining room table if I'm lucky oterwise it the sofar and two stools from Ikea for me. Love the room hope you enjoy and get many hours of fun from it.

  10. Looks awesome. Far superior to my own 'hobby hole' :-P