Saturday, 19 March 2011

Legio Custodes: 2 More Custodians Complete: Death Korps Heavy Bolter Teams

So those WIP Custodians that your saw in the last post are now done! I am pleased with them, but there are a couple of 'buts....' though - See for yourselves!

Custodian Number 2

Custodian Number 3

I am really pleased with them, mainly because I've managed to streamline the process quite a bit while still achieving a great look. With these two models I've tried to make a sharper contrast between the areas of shade and the 'reflective' bits of the armour. I was hoping that this would create a better NNM effect. BUT despite this, i still think that I'm a bit off, and have yet to achieve NNM.

They're also a bit more orange than the original test mini! Not that much, but you can notice it. I'll be using the same base coat for all the future Custodians, simply because I've mixed a whole pot of this base coat and don't want to waste it!!!

Finally i think the definition of the detail is a little off. I used Gryphonne Sepia selectively around areas of detail, which at the time, looked fine. Looking back at the test mini i think i may have used Devlan Mud for this stage, making the detail stand out a bit more. As I've run out of Devlan Mud I'll have to go back and correct this at a later date.

So another learning curve for the quest to achieve NNM, but i will persevere and i will (eventually) succeed!! There plenty more models to experiment on, as i''ve got a few more of these Scibors Custodian models to paint, including a Sergant figure. Also, as of 5 minuites ago, i'll also have this AWESOME model to paint for the Custodians as well! Its from Scibors again, and will probably be my HQ choice for the Custodian army:

(picture used without permission, but im sure they won't mind!)

I think you'll agree that its a great looking mini, so i'm very much looking forward to painting this guy! I may make some ajustments to the sword (or replace it with some sort of Uber Guardian Spear!) but i'll see once it gets here.

So with the completion of the two Custodians i was able to make a start on that Forgeworld order that came the other day! I decided to crack on with the Heavy Bolter Teams first, which are now built and based.

I took some time to make the bases interesting, as is my standing policy for all large bases! These will be painted over the weekend hopefully, and then its onto the Vulture Gunships with Twin Linked Punisher Cannons! Now theres a model that i never get bored of building!

On a lighter note, this came through the door the other day, which made me pause for a moment:

For a fleeting second i thought the future had caught up with me, my love for the Guard placing me amoung their ranks! Fourtunately theres another 40,000 years or so to go yet before i have to worry about that!

The GunGrave


  1. Hey man,
    I totally love your Heavy Weapons Teams, the Greenstuff sandbags and extra toolboxes are a great touch! I have thought about doing DKoK style weapons with the wheels, but never got around to it.
    Good stuff!

  2. Yeah i love the old school WW1 feel to the weapons teams.

    If your thinking of converting your weapons and add wheels, take a look at Ramshackle Games, as they've got loads of bits and pieces that might be useful. These wheels might be ideal!