Thursday, 24 March 2011

Armoured Regiment: Vulture Gunships Complete

Here are the 2 Vulture Gunships with Twin linked Punisher Cannons that i recently ordered. I've painted them to match this:

This is the Vendetta Gunship that i use for my Vostroyan Army. i figured that the Vostroyans wouldn't have access to their own flyer's, and would rely on Imperial Navy air support instead. The same goes for the Death Korps Armoured Regiment, and I've done the colour schemes to match the Vendetta, as they'll be from the same wing.

Vulture 1

Vulture 2

'Nuff said.

This is what i really wanted to show off - the scenic bases! I gave them my usual enthusiastic treatment and came up with 2 ideas; Trench and Barbed Wire!

This is the barbed wire base. I selected an unwilling Kriegsman from the display cabinet and chopped him up especially for this! I've drilled a few bullet holes in his helmet and chest as well, further evidence of his unfortunate demise! They'll be more obvious once he's painted.

Here is the Trench base (my favorite). Originally i wanted to do both sides of the trench, but I didn't have the space once the flying stand was in place, so I settled for half. The addition of the Kriegsman more than made up for it though! This guy is a Centaur crewman but fits in quite nicely on this base! I cant decide whether he's lost, or just waiting nervously to go over the top! You decide.

I'll get them both painted up tomorrow!

The GunGrave


  1. Truely really nice work. I really like your weathering effects and the paint jobs.

    Your bases are cool too, gives your models some real life. I would say for the trench work, lost as he is on your own. Or if you have got the space why not a few going over the top in support of the air attack. Just an idea.

  2. I'm loving the vulture mate, I've been thinking of converting my vulture A-10 tankbuster style with a punisher mounted on the nose.

  3. These bases are awesome. So atmospheric.
    I'm really digging the guy caught in the Barbed Wire.

  4. Thanks guys!

    @Commissar Dave-I'd love to sacrifice a few more Krieggy Boys, but to be honest, even one was to much! A major indulgence, and im hoping to find a replecement on eBay! Great idea though!

    @ Col. Corbane-Love the A10 Idea! It never occured to me to do something like that! It would be a dead easy conversion to!

    @Lucky No.5-Yeah, i was watching Broadwalk Empire the other night and this guy was taliking about WW1 and how this German soldier got caught up in a barbed wire fence and took days to die! Thats what sparked the idea (though i think this guy died a lot more quickly!)

  5. If it will help my friend I have 4 spare krieg models from the Command squad that I am not using. if you want I am more than willing to let you have them at no cost to yourself.

    Just let me know and we can sort out how to get them to you.

  6. Cheers Dave, thats a great offer! I'lll get it painted up first and see how it looks. Adding more models may make the base a bit to crowded, but i'll see how it looks once its done!


  7. /drool

    You know very well how I feel about you skills man, this stuff will get me building my freshly won Vendetta/Valkyries from the Test of Khaine tournament we recently had at my FLGS. It has definately given me some ideas for painting my own, as you stated im not sure Krieg would have their own, and if they did they would look far more like a WWI/WWII fighter I think.

  8. GunGrave,

    What technique are you using to weather the fuselage? I like the effect on the cockpit areas, as it breaks up the monotone without looking too scratched up. Many models of Valks/Vends/Vultures have so much chipped paint that no self respecting Enginseer should have let them off the flight line! Yours have a good depth, without over-doing it.

  9. @ WineShark - I've used the techniques outlined in IA Masterclas Vol.1. I used a bit of sponge (GW foam trays are ideal) to dab on a bit of Charadon Granite to create the chipped effect. Like you said, you shouldn't go to mad on this bit, so i just concentrate it on areas of wear and tear, like sharp edges, access panels, hatches, etc.

    Then i use a mixture of oil paint and white spirit to make some really effective washes. Now i think about it, i've done a tutorial on this subject last year sometime. It was for one of my Elysian Valkyries, but the techniques are exactly the same. Check it out here:

    (Tuesday 13th July, 2010. Valkyrie Progress 2 - To Weather a Valkyrie)

    Any more questions on it though, just give me a buzz!

  10. Guy stuck in the wire...EPIC.