Thursday, 17 March 2011

Legio Custodes: Work in Progress; Death Korps Squad Completed

So  I've been a busy little bee since the last post, with another Death Korps Squad completed for the Armoured Regiment, and the two Custodians that i built the other day are nearly painted!

First the Death Korps. Now all the infantry for the Armoured Regiment are completed (well, repainted anyways!) I just need to mount them in Chimeras now! So here the 4th squad, much like the others really.....!

As for the Custodians. Well it was a bit of a drama painting these guys! Firstly i undercoated them in the wrong yellow, then i went to look for my notes on painting them only to find that I've thrown them out! It much have happened when i was redecorating. So i decided to mix up a pot of what i thought was the recipe for the basecoat. I put to much orange in that and sprayed to models with it anyways, only to be left with spray-tan marines! ARGH! I managed to get the basecoat mix right in the end, just before i ran out of paint to do  it! Then i began painting properly!

Believe it or not, i did most of this with an airbrush, which really cut down the painting time. So now all the armour, robes and gems are done. Its just the Guardian Spears that need painting now. The casts i did for the Spear Tips were a bit iffy this time, but I'll see how they turn out once painted. Should get that done tomorrow, right in time for that Forgeworld delivery! Then its the final push for the completion of the Armoured Regiment!

The GunGrave


  1. So good on the DKK man... I love em! (Even if they are a bit to "clean" for my personal tastes)

  2. Trully nice work, they look really cool.

  3. Yeah they are a bit clean! My intention now is to go back with an airbrush and spray on some mud!! I'll do that once i've done the 4 Heavy bolter teams, which came in today!

  4. the devlin mud wash.... i swear by it, just ask any of the people over at DFG! They are sick of me talking about how amazing the stuff it, but then again, I have no experiance with an airbrush.

    The nice thing for the wash over the brush it being liquid (and i generously apply it at that) it pools as it pleases on the model, helping create for me a more natural look.

  5. Thats a good idea. The GW washes dont spray very well for finer detail work, but brush application would be perfectly suitable here. I think i'll give it a go; i may even combine it with the origional idea of a Beastial Brown spray around the edges of the Greatcoats.

    Cheers for that!