Saturday, 23 October 2010

Why Dont You Come On Over, VALKYRIE!

All joking aside, Valkyrie No' 3 is complete! I have been able to maintain a consistent look with all of the Valkyries, so it fits in nicely. Only one more to go!

I'm also pleased with the base, but now its painted, i don't like it so much! Not sure what it is; it might be because its a bit brighter than the others. Maybe i should have toned it down a bit. Maybe I'm being paranoid! WHO SAID THAT!

Ahem, moving on. I did a group shot to and they look awesome if i do say so myself! The Elysians are going to be an impressive sight on the tabletop. Hopefully in a few more weeks I'll get to see it! (cue flight of the Valkyrie music!)


  1. Nice work on the new Valkyrie, that group shot looks awesome!

  2. Beautiful work there, I love the bases on them as well! Good work!