Saturday, 23 October 2010

Valkerie No' 3

During the Reaver titan repairs i have been sneakily working on the third of the Valkyries, which is now nearly complete! All i need to do is paint the cockpit.

I have also made an effort with the flying base as well, and i think that this is my favorite one yet! What we have here is a destroyed heavy stubber emplacement, which was maned by traitor guardsmen.

I have some shell casings that ill add once the base has sand on it. Reason being that i may loose the shell casings under the sand because they're so small! With any luck the whole lot will be finished today! Come Monday a new forgeworld order will be placed for two Vulture Gunships with Punisher Cannons along with the new Elysian transfer sheet! Good times are-a-commin!

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