Thursday, 14 October 2010

OhMyGod, OhMyGod, OhMyGod!!

It appears that agents of the Ruinous Powers have infiltrated my Forge and enacted the most foulest of deeds! They have disabled the most powerful war machine in West Wales, my beloved Reaver Titan, Praetorian!!

At first i blamed the cat, as i had left the door to my study open.....

However, the only way the titan could be accessed is if the cat went through a platoon of unpainted Vostroyans, a trio of Space Marine Rhinos, and a Red Scorpions Chapter Master!! As none of these models were knocked over, or bore any signs of battle, I can only surmise that the titan collapsed under its own weight. I had meant to re-pin the hips as they were a little loose, i only wish now i had done it sooner. The Tech Adepts responsible are being executed as we speak.

So now work will begin on its repair. Unfortunately the colours on the armour panels were specially mixed, colours that can never be exactly replicated again, and they suffered heavy damage. I may take the opportunity to repaint the titan, and mount it on a suitable base! Well, once my tears dry.....(sob)


  1. Ouch!

    (personally, I still think it was the cat)

  2. I hear that happens a lot to Titans from Forge World LowestBidderus.

    Just think of it as authentic battle damage.

  3. Oh, the horror! Oh the humanity! Oh, the opportunity!

    The cat's a good excuse, but you know you just needed an excuse to make a few changes anyway. Looking forward to seeing the repairs.

  4. I always knew cats were agents of the Lord of Change...but now its for sure...Good luck on getting Praetorian back up and running, I'll be watching the Tech Priests put it back together!