Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Oh No, the Genestealers are Back!

Well my funds are a bit low at the moment, so Forgeworld purchases are on hold at the mo. Besides, they are slower than usual at the mo while they recover from Games Day! The Lascanon Squad and Medusa will have to wait for now.

In the meantime i decided to press on with my 'Nids. I went and got myself some Genestealers and another Broodlord. The 'Stealers were quickly finished and work on the Broodlord will get going when the Milliput on the base dries. This unit will comprise of 8'Stealers and the Broodlord, and another of 9 'Stealers and a Broodlord (which are already complete)

Next week I'll get another Trygon in, and move on to the Elite choices in the army. Should keep me busy until my next pay day!

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