Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vendetta Flying Base

Squad 3 is pretty much done (after a frustrating 3 weeks! Argh!) So now I'm preparing to make a start on the bargain Vendetta that i got off eBay! Need some time off troops for a bit!

In preparation for an early start to painting tomorrow, i got the flying base done (mostly) Used the same method as the last base and went with the Milliput, which gave me that extra depth and detail. With this base i constructed a small campsite, likely belonging to some deserter from the local PDF (clearly not Elysian, ahem!) We've got a small, tatty scrap of camo netting which was made from medical gauze soaked in watered down PVA. Small strips of paper were then added, again soaked in watery PVA. I roughed up a scrap of wooden dowel to prop the thing up and added a small fire pit as well! Very homely! Various supplies are also littered around; fuel cans, spade, bedroll, you know the usual!

I really like it, but I'm aware that its probably grossly OTT for a flying base! Never mind. I'll get this based with sand tomoz and have it painted, provided i get the Vendetta done! Busy, busy busy!


  1. Great imagination! Can't wait to see this one painted up.

  2. Nice one! I've been also wondering how to enhance my Vendetta base and these is sure a lot of ways to be creative with it. Keep up the good work.