Sunday, 15 August 2010

On The Table....Quatermaster - SOS Colour Crisis!

Right, finally got back to the painting! I've been spending a lot of time tweaking the latest Krieg list so the painting has been somewhat neglected!

As you've seen, the Quartermaster has been included as a HQ choice in my list. I never really use my HQ choices for anything, and i only find them useful for taking my advisors. Mostly i take them because i have to! With the Quartermaster in there, he fills a otherwise boring role for me, with of course, the benefits that he confers. Once per turn, the Quartermaster can give one unit the Feel No Pain special rule to any unit within 2inches of him or any of his Servitors. Pretty handy, especially as you don't have to attach him to a dedicated squad. I would've taken 2, but i wanted to get those advisors in!

The units on the table and ready to go, but I'm really stuck on how to paint the dam servitors!! I didn't want to go for blue, 'cos lets face it, the Krieg are packin' a hell of a lot of blue! White was the second obvious choice, but i hate painting white, its a pain!! Next i went for purple, but it wasn't striking enough.

And that's where i am at the mo, so if any of you guys can help me with some inspiration it would be very much appreciated at this stage!!


  1. Sometimes reversed schemes can work, maybe something like predominantly brown with blue details?

    Or mainly red, so the blood won't show.

  2. Yeah i;ve been lingering on the red idea as well, prahaps a really dark red (dont want them to seem to bright and happy while collecting off the dead!)

  3. Everybody knows painting your models red makes 'em go faster... just ask Dante! ;)

    But seriously, I would paint them blood angel red (i forget what it's really called), with blue edging on their armor to keep a unified army color scheme.