Sunday, 8 August 2010

On the Table.....

The second squad is underway. You may notice the stupid amount of special weapons in the squad! Due to the crappy nature of the Special Weapons pack for these guys (reason being; no arms and just weapons!) i had do do a bit of work on each guy that i wanted to arm with a special weapon. This is a massive pain in the ass, so i just got as many out of the way as i could! Just 2 Meltas do do, and then i only have poorly fitting lasguns to worry about!

I quite like the Heavy Flamers! The ones that came in the weapons packs were a bit insubstantial, so i just chopped off the ends and handles on a lasgun and stuck a flamer barrel on the end! It just bulked out the weapon a bit, and also made for a very easy conversion!! The fuel lines are some fine wire twisted together, easy

The green stuff should be dry by tonight, so I'll get the undercoat on them later!


  1. These are coming along very nice! An interesting flamer conversion. This is the first good view I've had of the flamer backbacks. They look a bit low slung. I have to say I wouldn't want to slog that around for very long.

  2. He he, thats true of all Elysian equipment. Reason being there is space left around the shoulder area for their Grav Chutes. I love the compact look of their equipment!