Thursday, 26 August 2010

Imperial Armour!!

Work on the Quatermaster has been sluggish at best. I'm somewhat distracted by an Elysian squad and their Vendetta gunship!

However, i was trawling through eBay the other night and managed to bag 3 Leman Russ for £48 quid, with 2 Forgeworld turrets, all in great condition! Thank you Lady eBay! My thoughts immediately turned towards my Armoured Regiment Army list that I'm doing for my Krieg. All i needed was 3 more Russ and 4 Chimeras and its done! That's the Russ' out of the way, now just the Chimeras!

This lot also came with some of the old Armourcast muzzle flashes! I don't really like them, so they'll end up back on the 'Bay. The guy also chucked in a load of replacement weapons options to!

Will get these bad boys sprayed and off the ground after the weekend! Time to get my 'tread on!!

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