Thursday, 5 August 2010

Company Command Squad Complete

Its been a while since i posted on the Elysians last, due to a tournament i attended last weekend. Now that all the painting for that is done, i can concentrate on the Helljumpers 100%!

I went straight back into it and churned out these guys yesterday! Nice and tidy, i especially like the Medic! The plasma gunner will actually be added to the infantry squad and he'll be replaced with a regular trooper with a lasgun. The reason for this is that i bought 3 special weapons packs for the Elysians, and then realised that they were just the weapons without arms!! Unfortunately there are no other packs available, which means I'm gonna have to shoe-horn the special weapons onto 3 models in each squad! Hence the plasma gunner being replaced - at least that's one model i don't have to butcher in order to suitably arm him!! The second kneeling plasma gunner used to be a Grenade Launcher - his launcher was easy to replace, but i did have to cut off the butt of the plasma gun to make it fit! We'll say that its just a more compact design!! ahem....

For these guys i used the Army Painter Primer as the undercoat. You cant even tell the difference next to the original squad now that they're done, so I'm definitely happy with the result! The other 3 squads will also be undercoated in the Primer, saving me a large chunk of time! I also intended to use the Army Painter Dark Shade dip on these guts, but i figured that it wouldn't save me that much time, and might in fact make the process longer! Theres a little bit of touching up required after dipping the model, and realised that it would be quicker to shade the small khaki areas with ink instead!

Hope the pics are OK, and the next squad should be on the table tomorrow!

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