Thursday, 9 September 2010

Vendetta Complete

FINALLY I've got this bad boy completed! I've been working on it bit by bit after work and finished it this morning. Again, very pleased with the outcome but I will do a bit less chipping next time. Went a bit mad on this one!

Again i applied some directional weathering to the rust streaks on the wings and hull. This is one of my all time favorite techniques!

As for the base, well, it looks great! It is a bit over the top for a flying base, but now its painted, i love it even more!I kept the colours subtle as to keep the attention on the Vendetta and not the base. Cant wait to make the flying base!

I did want to do some heat distortion on the barrels of the lascannons, but i got a bit bored and went with a scorched effect instead. On the next Vendetta I'll definitely take the time to do that.

Well, onto the last squad now!  Then its vehicles all the way. Just have to rustle up the £300 needed to buy the remaining Valkeries, Vendettas, Sentinels and Vulture Gunships!


  1. love the damage on the window of the cockpit. Looks like a bullet hit it while dropping guys off in a hot LZ!

    btw: im not leaving aber. Got a house and nearly got a job. good times

  2. Yeah i always seem to break the cockpits!

    I mean, yeah, took me ages to get that effect right!

  3. I like the weathering and the base looks ace. Keep up the good work!

  4. Nice work. did you use weathering powders or something similar or sponge and stipple?