Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Valkerie Base

My poor Elysians have been neglected somewhat of late, due to a deadline i need to make with my Krieg (tournament at the end of the month!). I did find time to make a start on the scenic base for the Valkerie i recently completed.

I saw a post a while ago (cant remember the blog) where the guy used Milliput to create a textured base over which a sandy layer can be applied. I decided to give this a go. Once its dry I'll chuck on some sand and spray it! Can finally get me bird flying!

On another note, i received a large order of Elysian troops the other day, and what you see here is my HQ Command Squad undercoated in the Army Painter spray i mentioned a few posts back. I'm very happy with the colour on the resin, and i intend to apply all the base colours and then dip them in the Strong Tone for shading. I figured that if it all goes wrong then its only on a 5 man squad that i can probably sell on eBay!!

The Kreig that you can see drying in the background are my other unwilling guinea pigs for this technique, so I'm really hoping it'll turn out well! More on that when i have it!!



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