Thursday, 8 July 2010

On the Table Now.....

After being bitten by the tournament bug back in May, I've been invited to my second tournament by a mate! It is the Bristol Vanguard tournament, and is taking place on the 31st July and the 1st August.

There are three different point limits, and each player must have a list for each limit. These are 1000pts, 1500pts, and 2000pts. 5 battles are to be played by each player, and the points will vary between the values mentioned above. This only causes some minor list problems for me, but unfortunately, some very large financial problems! Reason being, I'm entering my Vostroyan Firstborn for the 1000pts and 1500pts, and my Kreiggy Boys for the 2000pts!

For the Kreiggy Boys I need 2 Grenadier Centaurs, 2 Grenadier Squads, and 2 Grenadier Special Weapons. These are on their way as we speak (if Forgeworld have managed to be slightly less incompetent than they usually are!!) For the Vosties I only need 2 Armoured Sentinels, which are on the table now!

The Sentinels are both the armoured variant and both are armed with Plasma Canons. I got as far as building and basing them today, and hope to start painting tomorrow. With any luck the Forgeworld will be here tomorrow (along with another Squad of Elysians and a HQ and Platoon command squad - check out my other blog for details on that!)


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